Satu Suomenhevosesta - Saaga S

Fairytale of Finhorse - Saaga S

Documentary film of two time "Queen of Finland " - racewinner finhorse Saaga S . Premiere late 2017

Taigan tuulet - Taiga winds

Documentary film at International Vaasa Wildlife film festival Finalist and screening Seb. 30th 2016 Vaasa City Drama hall

Taigan tuulet - Taiga winds

Documentary film premiere at international

Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival

Kuusamotalo 13.9.2015 Kuusamo Finland

Shadows of Sibelius

 17 min. artvideo, London Symphony Orchestra St Luke s

London, March 15th 2015

Taigan Tuulet - Taiga Winds nominated

Taiga Wind documentary recived special mention at Vaasa Wildlife documentary festival !